What Space you should have in your home for Motivational Thoughts

Happiness is not a place or thing; it’s a state of mind INTRODUCTION Nowadays life is so much busy. People don’t have time in setting up their room where they spend a huge amount of time throughout their life and where they take important decisions of their life. They are not focusing in making their […]

How to manage time wisely?

Time is an important aspect of our lives and nothing can be done without having a proper set of plan and routine. However, managing time wisely is a key to success where only few of the people can get a hold on it. Time is what makes life manageable, easier and maintained- only if it […]

Mysticism- The Motivation in Life

Controlling your inner self is the main motif of mystic poetry. Sufism revolves around the idea of letting your ego go out of the door. Mysticism talks about that once you understand your own self you’ll be able to connect to God in a better way. God will remember you Himself once you let go […]

The Purpose of Life

Life is the name of never ending struggle and thirst to find a better living. We all struggle in various ways to find the purpose of life through which we can live a comfortable and satisfied life. Some people live eternally through virtuous actions by doing good deeds to satisfy their soul and live a […]