About Us

Hours is an Elevated Lifestyle Boutique featuring unique apparel, accessories, and luggage for men, women, and children. Curated by luxury brand PRSVR, the new shopping destination is located in the artistic Pilsen neighborhood near Chicago's South Loop.
An Elevated Lifestyle Boutique provides the tools necessary to live life with a tough of luxury. We take the necessities and add the extras that make life special. From Ostrich Backpacks, to Diamond Chains, to Neon Leather Throw Pillows, to Music, to Cake....we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.
Our goal is to make you feel like you are shopping inside the closet of your dreams.  The inviting layout welcomes guests to relax and peruse. We aim to be a shopping destination, not just a quick in-and-out; therefore, we must provide experience.
Persévérer, or PRSVR, is an elevated lifestyle brand created for "culture curators", those people who follow their passion with style, determination, and perseverance.